The Department of Pediatrics №2 congratulates students on the beginning of the school year!

Considering the peculiarities of the school year in the conditions of quarantine restrictions from September 1, 2020, practical classes for 4th-year students in Pediatrics will be held in face-to-face and distance forms, lectures, and practice classes – remotely.

Face-to-face classes are held in compliance with all requirements of the anti-epidemic regime, defined by the resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor N42 of 30.07.2020 “On approval of Interim recommendations on anti-epidemic measures in educational institutions during quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The remote form is held on the Moodle and Zoom platforms according to the class schedule.

Lectures –

Classes – teacher’s web room in Moodle or Zoom.

Working off – web room  for working off in Moodle –

We draw your attention to the fact that current information on the organization of the educational process at the Department of Pediatrics №2 (thematic plans, schedules, contact details of teachers, teaching materials, etc.) you can find on the website of the department, on the Moodle platform of KhNMU

Communication with teachers is carried out from 9.00 to 16.00 (phone, messengers, e-mail).

E-mail of the Department of Pediatrics №2 to address issues of the educational process with students –

We wish you good health, energy, and inspiration in mastering knowledge!

Information for students. Distance learning during Quarantine

  1. On the site of the Department of Pediatrics №2 ( you can find information regarding the schedule of classes, the distribution of groups  between teachers, methodical materials, presentations of lectures canceled during quarantine, etc.
  2. All students are required to enroll in the Moodle system (KNMU website, distance learning) and at ZOOM.  Classes and working off are held online.
  3. Students who were absent during the online conference and did not submit answers to the questions are considered to be absent.
  4. To communicate with the teachers of the department: a new email address of the department, teacher’s email.  As the subject of the letter it is necessary to write the teacher’s name, the subject of the class.  The letter – answers to the teacher’s questions are provided in the form of a Word document. The deadline for submitting answers (assignments) is the time of completion of the class according to the schedule.
  5. All work off issues should be discussed with the group teacher.

Stay at home! Good health and good luck!

Teachers of VI-VII faculties 4-5 yaers

Timetable of practical classes for English speeking students 4-5 years